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Snow and Ice Removal

Professional house roof snow and ice removal

Roof Snow And Ice RemovalProtect Your Home From the Elements

Snow and ice removal is dangerous and can harm your roof system if not performed properly. Our knowledgeable field personnel are equipped with the proper tools for the job, and we will clear your roof of snow and ice properly and safely. Prepare for winter by inquiring by phone or online today.

Why You Need To Remove Snow & Ice

Poor attic ventilation, inappropriate structural design for our climate, and inadequate attic insulation can cause snow to melt and ice to form at the lower eaves of the roof. The initial ice barrier will cause additional water to pool at the eaves which could travel under the shingles causing winter leaks. Additional cold weather can create a larger ice dam which travels up the slope of the roof creating further damage once warm weather arrives.

Ice damming can cause winter leaks, structural damage to your home, shingle deterioration, wood underlayment rot, and dangerous falling snow and ice. The roof structure is not meant to support exceptionally high amounts of weight due to large snow or ice accumulation.

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