Residential Roofing


More Light, Lower Energy Bills

Daylighting can help reduce your energy costs while supplying natural daylight to most areas of your home. Godfrey Roofing Inc. uses the most efficient high quality products to add natural daylight to your home. Our skilled employees are experts in the roofing industry, and we make sure your home will remain watertight. Whenever you are making roof penetrations it is important to have it sealed by a professional.

Solar tubes are perfect for staircases, hallways, bathrooms, dark rooms, closets, or practically any area of your home. Our company works closely with you to explain your daylighting options and help you decide how you can add natural daylight in your home.

How Daylighting Works

Daylighting is not an ordinary skylight. It draws direct and reflected sunlight through solar reflective tubes to evenly disperse light to the inside of your home.

The dome above your roofing membrane is designed to attract the most light at all times of the day, every season of the year. Light is attracted into the dome where it is filtered to remove UV rays. Light is channeled and reflected through the high efficiency tube and then the diffuser creates a steady stream of light to provide even light distribution inside your home.

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