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Solar Photovoltaic

RISE solar logoThe Solar photovoltaic industry is still in early development but is growing at a record pace. This rapid growth is due to increasing energy costs, government support, and strong concerns over environmental impact.

Canadian Solar Industries Association LogoGodfrey Roofing Inc. is a member of the Canadian Solar Industries Association, and we have a RISE Certified Solar Roofing Professional on staff. We work with reputable solar photovoltaic companies and use only the latest, highest quality materials on the market. We offer solar in both laminates and mounted panels, and we work closely with our clients to help them decide what system and products are best for their homes.

Energy storage through battery devices can be added to your solar system for off-grid cottages and other homes that can not be grid tied. We perform full solar installations from start to finish, including roof replacement when required, site safety setup, racking, and solar panel installation.

When creating roof penetrations it is important to have them sealed properly by a professional. With an in-house safety director and site specific safety plans, all of our projects abide by provincial safety standards to assure a safe installation while keeping the existing roof system watertight.

A new roof is often installed before the solar installation as it is essential to have the proper roof system installed to match the 20-25 year life span of the solar system.

Solar systems greatly reduce your energy bills, add stability to your energy costs, and have large government tax and credit incentives. Solar energy creates no pollution and is environmentally friendly by reducing dependence on coal and natural gas.

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