Commercial Roofing

Green Roofing

Garden & vegetative roofs

Green roofing systems use soil and vegetation on top of an high quality roof system.

Commercial Green RoofCommon Types
  • Intensive
  • Extensive

Green roofing is a system of soil and vegetation applied above certain high quality roofing systems. Intensive green roof systems have thick soil mediums that can support a wide variety of plants and vegetation but often require regular maintenance. The deeper soil allows intensive systems to support larger plants, shrubs and even trees. Intensive system installations often require structural additions in order to support the added weight load.

Extensive green roof systems have soil mediums which are usually 6 inches or less. Extensive green roof systems often have drought tolerant plants and grasses as they are typically shallow rooted and require minimal maintenance.

The soil and vegetation of a green roof system have a natural cooling effect and provide added insulation, which results in lower energy costs.

Green roofing is an aesthetically pleasing way to increase the life of your roof membrane, and reduce traditional maintenance costs. Green Roof systems reduce storm water runoff, improve air quality, and reduce the heat island effect. For more information, view the Green Roofing page in our environmental roof solutions section.