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Benefits of Solar on the Rooftop

The Benefits of a Solar Roofing System

Financial & Economic Benefits

  • Provincial incentives, rebates, credits: In Ontario both FIT program (projects over 10 kW) and microFIT program (projects under 10 kW) incentives are offered through the Ontario Power Authority’s Feed in Tariff Program. In 2009 the Feed in Tariff Program was launched under the Green Energy Act. The programs were developed to help encourage the growth of photovoltaic energy installations in Ontario. Owners of the projects have long term contracts with the power authority for fixed rates on electricity which is fed back to the grid. Government rebates are also available for the retail sales tax paid on Solar energy systems.
  • Building owners have a significant ROI and increase in facility value: The microFIT and FIT programs through the Ontario Power Authority are designed to provide a reasonable return on investment while covering the costs of the project over the term of the contract.
  • PV installations create green jobs: The boost in PV project development is structured to encourage PV production from within Ontario. The growing industry requires a larger diverse workforce. The program developed creates green skilled jobs and investment in Ontario.
Environmental Benefits

  • Clean form of energy generation: Solar energy is a renewable source which does not deplete our planet’s resources. Using a PV system instead of conventional energy sources such as coal, prevents large amounts of harmful emissions. Solar energy is readily available, quiet, and clean.
  • The existing building footprint is used instead of additional land area: A rooftop solar system is built on the existing structure rather than using land space. A Building Integrated Photovoltaic System uses the existing building’s footprint.
  • Energy production is highest during peak energy demand times: A large amount of the electricity a facility will use is for running air conditioning equipment. PV systems produce the highest amount of energy during the middle of the day in the summertime, when energy demands are at their highest.

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