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The articles below are related to commercial roofing, and have been compiled by Godfrey Roofing Inc for your convenience… please click on an article title below to see the full version.

An Introduction to Green Roofing
Wondering why green roofs are becoming an increasingly popular commercial roofing system? This article outlines the basic components of a green roof, and discusses the environmental and financial benefits of green roof systems.
Video: Green Roof Growing Media Distribution
This video shows how Godfrey Roofing Inc used a 210-ton crane to distribute over 23,000lbs of growing media (soil) on a green roof at an Ottawa private school.
Roofing Terminology: A Glossary of Roofing Words & Phrases
What does that mean?! More than 150 common roofing industry terms are defined and explained in this article.
The Benefits of EPDM Roofing Systems
EPDM is a popular single-ply roofing membrane used primarily on commercial flat roofs. This article explores the many benefits offered by EPDM roof systems.
Higher Learning: Green Roofs with a Mission
What are the benefits of a “green roof” system? This article discusses the popularity of vegetative roofing, and examines an institutional green roofing project recently completed by Godfrey Roofing Inc.
Green Roof Plant Selection
Some types of plants and foliage work better than others for use on a green roof. This article explains which plants are best for certain green roofing applications.
The Benefits of Solar Roofing
A solar roof can have many financial and environmental benefits – learn about the upsides of solar roofing and why it may be a good choice for your building.
10 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Photovoltaic Roof System
Pay special attention to these 10 important considerations prior to installation to ensure that you choose a solar photovoltaic roofing option that works best for your roof.

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